Fight Back Against Negative Veterinary Reviews

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veterinary online reputation managementYou can’t please everyone all the time and negative feedback from clients is inevitable. But what happens when those negative veterinary reviews are the first thing people see when searching for your veterinary hospital’s website? Toxic webpages and negative review websites of your veterinary website could be the first impression potential clients have of your hospital. Sometimes, these websites may even appear before your vet hospital’s website in search engine results.


How can you repair your veterinary online reputation? Targeted search engine optimization (SEO) efforts for your veterinary clinic are the best way to knock those negative results from the top of the search engine rankings and get your veterinary hospital’s website back on top.


First, make sure that your veterinary hospital’s website is updated with plenty of fresh content. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, it may have fallen in the rankings. Search engines prefer websites with updated and new content, which means that a frequently-updated website that contains a negative veterinary hospital review of your practice is going to be noticed by Google more often than your own site. If you have a Having a blog for your practice is an effective and easy way to help connect with your clients and boost your Google rankings, make sure that is updated as well.


Secondly, step up link-building efforts for your web site. Make sure that your veterinary website is listed on (and linked from) your local chamber of commerce website, as well as any professional organizations (state veterinary medical associations, etc.) that you may belong to. If there’s something newsworthy or notable going on at your hospital, submit a press release to your local newspaper and community blogs and be sure to include a link to your veterinary website. Positive links from reputable websites can help offset negative search results.


If possible, go directly to the source of the negative veterinary review. This may be a disgruntled client, a local newspaper, a blog or some other source. If it’s from a client, try to work through the problem. Sometimes a disgruntled client just needs to vent their frustrations at someone from the hospital. Often, all it takes is a sympathetic ear. If this doesn’t work, ask them to be fair-minded and to post a link to your rebuttal page. Even a link to your rebuttal page may boost traffic to your veterinary web site and help nudge your hospital’s site past the negative website in search results.


More and more pet owners use the internet when looking for a new veterinarian. This makes having a good veterinary online reputation more important than ever. Find more helpful tips on dealing with a negative veterinary hospital review. VetNetwork and Top Dog Rankings can optimize your veterinary hospital’s website search results so your veterinary hospital’s first impression online is a good one. Get veterinary online reputation monitoring and management solutions for your veterinary website now! 

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