The Need for a Good Marketing Plan During an Economic Downturn

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The economic downturn is affecting all areas of life, including veterinary medicine. Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and you may be tempted to scale back efforts to market your practice in these tough times. However, many marketing experts agree that a bad economic climate is one of the best times to develop and implement a good marketing plan for your practice. According to Harvard Business School professor John Quelch, businesses that increase advertising during a downturn “can improve market share and return on investment.”


If you don’t have a veterinary marketing plan, your first step is to implement one. Begin by establishing your vet practice’s identity—this is, essentially, how you want others to see your practice. Develop a mission statement and create a list of services and products that make your hospital unique and incorporate that into your identity. Once you’ve developed an identity that reflects your practice, look at how your identity works with your veterinary hospital’s logo, website, signage and all the other ways you reach out to clients and the public.


Is your logo dynamic and fresh-looking? Your hospital may be thoroughly modern with the latest technology, but a drab, old-fashioned logo won’t leave a lasting impression on new clients. Even something as simple as redesigning your logo and revamping your practice’s signage, stationary and letterhead can go a long way toward marketing your practice to new clients.


New brochures for your veterinary hospital can also make an impact on potential clients. If you have a vet brochure for your practice but haven’t updated it in a few years, this may be a good time to do so. Brochures are less expensive than other forms of advertising (such as Yellow Pages ads) and are an effective way to communicate directly with potential clients. High-quality photos, a modern, sleek-looking design and a revamped logo all work together to establish your practice’s identity and draw the attention of current and potential clients.


Online veterinarian newsletters are also a cost-effective way to reach clients. A monthly email newsletter can help promote new services or technology at your hospital, inform clients about medical information and spread the word about your practice. The more useful information in your email newsletter, the more likely it is that clients will forward the newsletter to friends—who may become new clients. Need one? Check out these vet email newsletters!


A new or redesigned veterinary web site is an excellent way to get the most veterinary marketing bang for your buck. Pet owners are increasingly turning to the internet when looking for a new veterinarian, and a professionally-designed, high-quality vet web site is the best way for your practice to be noticed on the web. A new website is a good way to market your practice in the short term and has many long-term benefits as well. You can update and redesign your website easily to conform to future marketing efforts and clients will be able to find your website quickly.


When business is down, think about increasing – not decreasing – marketing for your veterinary hospital. A solid marketing plan can help your practice weather tough economic times and attract new clients – without having to cut back on the quality care you offer.


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Mark Feltz, DVM

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