Veterinary Video Marketing: Why Videos Are Top Priorities for Google

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Mark Feltz

Google Eliminates Keywords as Most Important Factor for High Rankings

A few months ago, Google announced a dramatic change in their website ranking policy. Google’s new algorithm relies much less on keywords and focuses more on website context, which translates to the need for more custom, high-quality content that is unique to your veterinary practice. They have also decided to encrypt the majority of website user activity in Google Analytics, preventing businesses to identify which keywords were used to enter a site.  Their recent change impacts all websites and particularly those that have depended on keywords for high rankings.

Your Overall Internet Presence

If you have used Google lately, I’m sure you have noticed that videos, photos, infographics, Google Places, and other related content (including your social media pages particularly Google+) are usually among the top rankings. That is because Google is more interested in your overall internet presence, not only your website. Videos appear to have the largest impact for achieving high rankings.

Google Prioritizes Videos

What is the logic for Google’s changes? Recent reports indicate that videos account for more than 60 percent of all internet searches. Since videos are so popular, Google prioritizes them in their search results. Also, Google owns YouTube, which is the second most widely used search engine, just after Google. Forrester Research has determined that adding a video to your website increases your odds of appearing on page 1 in Google searches by 53%.

Highly Visited Videos Impress Google

Sharable content on your Facebook, Google+ and other social media pages plays a large role in your Google rankings. Since videos are shared more than anything else, Google takes notice and rewards you for including them. Having a poor video, however, is more damaging than having no video at all. If your video is poor or uninteresting and visitors click out of it immediately, this will have a negative impact on your rankings.

Veterinary video marketing, featuring well-executed, interesting, and personalized videos, is now important for achieving top Google rankings.

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