Big Benefits to Your Veterinary Brand by Going Local

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Mark Feltz, DVM, Owner, VetNetwork, LLC

Local Social Media Marketing for Your Veterinary Hospital

Whether you own a large veterinary hospital or have a one-doctor practice, your success relies on attracting and keeping local pet owners as clients. In order to do this, you need to create and establish a strong veterinary brand image in your own backyard.

You practice excellent medicine, provide reliable service and have loyal clients. Your veterinary website is well designed and informative and your hospital is state-of-the-art and well equipped. However, you feel that your practice is not growing as well as it should. You might even be losing clients to other nearby veterinary practices.

Consider These Options

What can you do to boost your brand and increase awareness of your veterinary hospital in your community? Answer: Think locally.

1) Sponsor Charitable Events and Local Groups
Sponsoring a marathon, bike race or food drive gives positive exposure for your hospital and provides content for local social media. This is a win-win for both you and your community. Sponsoring a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop is another positive way to increase positive brand awareness in your community.

2) Cherish and Reward Your Regular Clients
Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of local advertising. Pamper your regular clients and they will reciprocate by recommending you to their friends, family and acquaintances. Add their pets’ photos and give them positive write-ups on your local social media sites. Once they respond, positive comments about you and your practice will spread on local social media sites.

3) Treat Your Staff as a Team
Your staff greets and talks to your clients every day. They should be doing the same thing on their own social media networks. Who knows you and your hospital better than your employees? Ask them to share photos and favorite work experiences with their personal social media friends.

Your employees can also help by promoting your social media sites to your clients in the waiting room and exam rooms. The initial person-to-person contact will push your clients to engage with you later on social media sites.

4) Promote Local Content
Your social media sites should not only contain cute photos of your clients’ pets and their stories. They should also include events and be a resource for pet-related activities in your community. Welcoming new families should be a priority, especially if they have pets. Vaccination recommendations, local pet ordinances, flea & tick conditions, and disease information should be updated on a regular basis.

How Local Social Media Works

Local social media marketing is the next step for promoting your brand. It’s the best way to attract friends, neighbors and acquaintances to your practice. But do you know how to do it? Think of local social media marketing as a way of personalizing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even your website with content and information directed towards your local community. The more you engage the interest of your community with local information, community affiliations, news items and topics of local interest, the more likely you are to enrich your brand and boost your customer base. Everyone has a Facebook page and posts regularly; however, the businesses that engage their “fans” and the local community are the winners.

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