Your Veterinary Marketing Tool Kit: Finding Your Pet Care Niche

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As a part of your veterinary marketing tool kit, you should always be thinking about ways to make your practice stand out from other veterinary hospitals in your area. A great way to do this is to develop a pet care niche, or particular area of expertise, that becomes associated exclusively with you and your veterinary hospital.

Focus on a Pet Care Area with the Widest Appeal

Think about the pet owners in your area – social economic status, age, education – and the services that most often bring them into your hospital. Use that information to choose a topic that will have the widest appeal. Some ideas:

  • Preventive medicine and wellness
  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Oral health
  • Behavior and training
  • Senior care
  • Holistic medicine
  • Palliative care
  • Rehabilitative therapy

Establish Your Expertise as Part of Your Veterinary Brand

Pets are living longer, creating many opportunities to distinguish your practice as an expert in their care and comfort.

Pets are living longer, creating many opportunities to distinguish your practice as an expert in their care and comfort.

Once you have selected an area to focus on, you can:

  • Develop a veterinary blog around that topic
  • Create a series of informational videos
  • Add a special section to your website with articles (written by you) and additional resources
  • Post and tweet helpful topic-related tips regularly

Developing your expertise in one area can also benefit your veterinary website’s search engine ranking. According to Ryan Cruz from Traffic Salad, “Authority websites are loved by the search engines. They want ‘experts’ writing articles on the web, and they want to reward your efforts with more visibility, traffic and exposure.”

Your Niche Should Be a Part of Your Veterinary Marketing Toolkit

As a veterinary hospital owner, there are many important components of your veterinary marketing tool kit, including a well-designed custom veterinary hospital website, a logo, a social media presence, and veterinary email newsletters. While all these elements are a solid marketing foundation, establishing a pet care niche within your full-service practice can help you differentiate your hospital and take your reputation and revenue to a whole new level.

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