Marketing 101: Customize Your Veterinary Marketing Messages

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Pet owners – like their pets – come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t provide the same preventive care or recommend the same vaccines for every pet. Likewise, you shouldn’t be using the same veterinary marketing message for all your clients.

So how do you segment your clients and create messages that will resonate with each group?

Veterinary Marketing Tip #1: Collect Pet Owner Data

Creating customized content and advertising isn’t possible unless you have information about the pet owners you’re targeting. But have no fear: Collecting key data about your clients doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or time consuming.

Here are two simple and effective ways to gather information:

  • Comment cards: Ask pet owners to take a few minutes to fill out the cards either before or after their appointment.
  • Surveys: Check out free online survey services like SurveyMonkey, SurveyMoz or FluidSurveys.
Reach Young Pet Owners Now

Young single pet owners use social media and online review sites and respond to marketing differently than older pet owners.

Veterinary Marketing Tip #2: Develop Buyer Personas

Once you have collected information about your clients, use the data to develop a few key profiles based on their needs and wants, referred to in the marketing business as buyer personas. According to marketing and sales software company Hubspot, “Buyer personas are generalized representations of your ideal customers based on market research and real data about your existing customers.”

For example, are a group of your clients of younger, single pet owners? Families with children? Older singles or couples? You can do wonders to improve the effectiveness of your marketing simply by sharpening your messages to pet owners in each of these categories.

Veterinary Marketing Tip #3: Customize Your Messages & Delivery

Once you have created your buyer personas think about the platforms you can use to reach each of these groups. For example, older pet owners are probably more accessible via email or direct mail postcard, while Millennials live on social media. Those time-crunched adults in between might love an app for your practice that allows them to effortlessly contact your hospital to schedule an appointment or reference helpful pet care information without needing to search the web.

Older pet owners need to be reminded about the value of your services too.

Older pet owners are more likely to respond to direct mail postcards and email marketing and messages that address their specific pet care concerns.

Finally, develop different ways of talking about your veterinary practice and services that conforms to needs, wants and expectations of each of your client groups.

Targeted Veterinary Marketing is the Only Marketing You Should be Doing

Highly targeted veterinary marketing is what consumers of all ages and income levels have come to expect. When you understand the wants and desires of your target pet owners, you can develop precise, effective marketing content that will resonate with all pet owners and help your practice grow.

For more information about how to develop highly targeted marketing campaigns for your veterinary hospital, please talk to one of the veterinary marketing specialists at VetNetwork today!

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